Keeping Up With the Joneses

One thing that has always bothered me is how much people that I know and love try to “keep up with the Joneses.” It seems that every time my brother learns that some of his friends have a new, expensive gadget, or “man toy” he has to run right out and get the same thing, too. As if he is certain that by not having the same thing, he will lose some measure of status in his friend’s minds. Because of that, he often finds himself in a financial bind. I think that this phenomenon is part of the reason why so many Americans are so deep in debt, and it is a bad habit that we need to break!

Now that I’ve vented a little bit, I will say that my brother has been working on building a small garage in his back yard. He is, a “shade tree mechanic” that has decided that he wants a roof over his head, and an auto lift, to make his life a little bit easier. I agreed to help him look around online for some good deals and found that Best Buy Auto has some 2 post auto lifts here and that web page seems to have a decent selection of brands to choose from. I’ve sent him the link via email for him to check out. I hope it helps him to get the biggest bang for his buck!

Groundhog Day – Groundhog Bites the Mayor’s Ear

groundhog day (free clip art)

groundhog day (free clip art)

Doesn’t this image of a groundhog look like a grumpy groundhog? I’m grumpy, too, when someone hauls me out of bed early in the morning! How rude! I understand that this year one of the “official groundhogs” was so angry about being awakened on groundhog day that it bit the mayor of the city!

Personally, I think that the handler should know better than to put the groundhog that close to someone’s face! There is another related video that I saw where the handler of this ground hog is being interviewed and he says that the groundhog has bitten several people in the past under similar situations, so I think that the handler should stop putting the animal that close to people’s faces!

Watching the video, I see the handler had just given the groundhog a treat to eat – maybe the groundhog thought that the ear smelled like a treat too!

Medicines for pets

When Donna told me that her dog was suffering from arthritis, and her vet had written a prescription for her to use carpaquin to help treat the inflammation, she told me that she had no idea where to go to get the prescription filled. Her local drug store doesn’t carry it! So I did some research online and found a website that she can order it from. I sent her the link, with the message that “You can get it here but you will have to send them the prescription.” I don’t know how or why this particular medicine would be preferable to aspirin. I’ve always been told by my vet to use low-dose aspirin for my dog. I guess this is something new, and I think I’ll ask my vet about it the next time I see him!

Cleaning house…

Well the past few weeks have been a blur really, and the house has gotten a bit behind. Therefore I am on a major cleaning project today and already half way done. I think I need to make myself something to eat before I continue and do the floors. At least this wont take all day. Hope everyone has a great day. =)