Medicines for pets

When Donna told me that her dog was suffering from arthritis, and her vet had written a prescription for her to use carpaquin to help treat the inflammation, she told me that she had no idea where to go to get the prescription filled. Her local drug store doesn’t carry it! So I did some research online and found a website that she can order it from. I sent her the link, with the message that “You can get it here but you will have to send them the prescription.” I don’t know how or why this particular medicine would be preferable to aspirin. I’ve always been told by my vet to use low-dose aspirin for my dog. I guess this is something new, and I think I’ll ask my vet about it the next time I see him!

Cleaning house…

Well the past few weeks have been a blur really, and the house has gotten a bit behind. Therefore I am on a major cleaning project today and already half way done. I think I need to make myself something to eat before I continue and do the floors. At least this wont take all day. Hope everyone has a great day. =)

So many in need this year

There are so many people in need this year that it breaks my heart.  Would you believe that someone broke into the local food bank and stole all of their turkeys and most of the food they had for the needy. Can you believe that? I was absolutely shocked when I heard that. It’s not bad enough that people break into houses and steal the Christmas presents from under the trees but to steal food for those that don’t have enough to eat, that’s the lowest of the low in my opinion.

Here at work we are taking donations of canned goods and anything anyone can give to help replenish the food bank. There’s not much time but we even put an ad in the paper asking for help for the food bank. Tears came to my eye when a local poultry factory donated baking hens and some turkeys to help. They donated almost what was stolen.

What in the world is wrong with so many people today? It’s Christmas. The season of peace, joy and love…..or it’s supposed to be. Jesus Christ was born on Christmas, or that’s what we celebrate Christmas for anyway and then I see and hear of things like this and it just breaks my heart. If there is just punishment, please Lord see that these people are punished for their actions and punished justly!!! But as always…………..that’s my opinion.

Holiday cleaning

decorating Christmas tree (free clip art)

decorating Christmas tree (free clip art)

My least favorite part of the holidays is the massive cleaning and decorating efforts. Decorating the tree is one thing, but putting up the lights and doing the windows etc…are a pain. today is definitely going to be a carpet cleaning day. However, I must first get all of the dusting and such finished and the blinds cleaned. Then I wont have to walk on the newly cleaned rugs.

Of course I can do the carpet cleaning as well. I haven’t really decided. The throw rugs need to be rolled up and the parts of the house with hardwood flooring has to be cleaned and polished. The amount of work involved is sometimes daunting, but I will persevere and the work shall get done. Then it will be on to the out door decorations, and pulling out the ladder to put up the lights. Once again I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.