I like Vince Gill

Vince Gill (free clip art)

Vince Gill (free clip art)

I like country music a lot. One of my favorite country musicians is Vince Gill. I like to poke around on YouTube to see what kinds of obscure videos I can find on the celebrities that I like. Today I found this YouTube video that was produced for (and by) Musicians friend that features Vince Gill. In this video he talks about the different guitars that he owns. When he first started talking, I had a hard time believing it was really him!

May be time for the kitchen now

glass racks (free clip art)

glass racks (free clip art)

The new look of my house is coming along nicely. I’m thinking it might be time to do a little spiffing up in the kitchen  I don’t know about you but I love the look of hanging wine glass racks. I just think they look very neat and organized and also very accessible to guests. I like a kitchen that is accessible to guests. Maybe just a wine glass rack because I don’t know where I would hang one of the others – there are so few wall cabinets because of all the windows..

I really like the look of stemware rack too. There are just so many things to choose from that it makes it hard to decide. I guess I’ll figure out which type of glass racks I really want pretty soon. I just need to try and picture what I want in my mind before I buy anything. Don’t you agree?

Looking for microphones

When Stuart asked me to help him find the best deal on microphones, I did a little bit of research online and found a pretty good assortment of microphones in one spot. So I copied and pasted the URL of the website and sent Stuart an email with the link to it, with the message “click here” to check out a variety of microphones in which he might be interested. I hope it helps!

Security is so very important

I keep seeing more and more home break-ins on the news and it really worries me for the people that do not have some type of Security System.  A lot of the time, it’s the single girls apartments, family homes and older people that are targeted the most.  Not many people seem to break into bachelors homes.  I wonder why that is?

Anyway, if you really want an honest to goodness home security system, make sure you not only get security but you get the best security and monitoring there is available.  ADT is and always has been the best there is in my opinion. It must be in a lot of other peoples opinion too because you see their signs in so many different yards.  I know having ADT sure makes my grandparents feel a lot safer since they got theirs.  Now they don’t worry when they go on one of their many trips.

3 Small Things You Can Do to Help a Grieving Family

Whether death comes as a total surprise or has ended a long period of suffering, losing a loved one is the hardest ordeal that many people will face. We often grapple with how to help those grieving friends or relatives, because we don’t want to intrude. A grand gesture is lovely, of course, but in many cases it is the small, thoughtful acts of kindness which help most in times of emotional crisis. Here are some small things you can do to show how much you care when someone you love is experiencing loss.

  1. Bring pre-prepared meals. Nourishment and sustenance are still important, but when a family has lost a member, who feels like cooking? You can bring them some small comfort, though, in the form of a pre-prepared meal that needs only to be popped into the oven. You could also organize a group of friends/relatives where each person signs up to bring a dish so that the family is set for a few days.
  2. Offer to look after the pets. Even if the funeral is in their own town at a beautiful home like http://jhenrystuhr.com/, your friend might not have the time to worry about the dog or cat beyond feeding them. Offer to look after the pets, taking the dog out for a walk or to the park or cleaning out the litter box. Pet parents often feel guilty when they neglect their babies, and that’s the last thing your friend needs to fee
  3. Help around the house. Ask first to ensure that you don’t throw away or change something that has special meaning to your friend, but do offer to help with a little light dusting or tidying the yard. Funerals mean family, which often means that company will descend upon the house, and your friend will likely be stressing about the home being presentable. Banish that worry at least with your helping hand.

Sometimes none of these acts of kindness are necessary, and the best thing you can do for your friend or relative is listen or share wonderful memories.