Does vintage mean better?

When Cliff was bragging about his vintage tube amplifier, I started to wonder if vintage necessarily meant better. My thoughts went back to the days of tube televisions and tube radios, and how they had to warm up before actually working. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the “instant-on” features of so many of our appliances and gadgets nowadays. I’d love to see a demonstration of why, in this case, a vintage tube amp is better than an amp that does not have the old-fashioned tubes.

Hope you have a blast!!!

fireworks and picnic (free clip art

fireworks and picnic (free clip art)

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!!!  I’m going to G Daddy and Memaws for a cook-out and then we’re off to watch the fireworks.  Independence day means a lot of different things to different people.  To me it is my independence day too because it’s the day I moved out from home a few years ago. Mom had a cow but oh well.  I have always done what I want to do when I want to do it so what did she expect from me?  Anyway, I hope you all have a blast!!!


I was trying to understand how a tape delay pedal actually affects the sound of a guitar. I went onto YouTube to see if I could find some videos that demonstrated what the guitar sounds like with out the tape delay, and then with the tape delay, so I could better understand, but to be honest, I think I’m just as confused as ever! I don’t like feeling stupid, and that is how I’m feeling right about now!

Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!

Happy Mothers Day (free clip art)

Happy Mothers Day (free clip art)

Well Mom, its mothers day. Happy Mothers Day!!! Mom and I never were what you might call close. Like I said, G Daddy and I were tight. Mom is a good mother. She works hard to see to it we had and still have what we want or needed. Once I moved out, I realized just how much she did for me. I had to start washing my own clothes, dishes, and even clean my own house. That’s not much fun ya know but Mom never complained about doing it all. Yeah right, Mom you know you always complained about having to do it all! Maybe if you had asked us for help, instead of complaining all the time, (kids don’t take hints very well!) we might have helped you out! I am sorry I didn’t help more. Kirk’s still home, make him do it! I do love you.

Road Traffic Accidents: who is at risk?

Looking at the data on road traffic accidents in Great Britain can be both upsetting and enlightening. But when it comes to planning and executing safety campaigns, it is enormously helpful to know which groups are at greater risk of an accident.

Men are from Mars…

If we all paid attention to the car insurance ads from the last decade, we would be under the impression that women might be the most dangerous drivers, as they seem to be in need of their own insurance companies. However, of the 185,769 reported road traffics Accidents (RTAs) in 2013 that involved cars, 107,199 were driven by men. This is a share of 57.7% – it would seem from these numbers that men are at greater risk of getting into a car accident. It should be noted, however, that this does not take into account the rate of vehicle miles – it may be that men own more cars, and drive more miles.

However, the percentage of these accidents that involved a casualty (in this instance meaning an injury of any severity, or a fatality), is balanced quite differently.

  • 38% of all male-driven car accidents resulted in a casualty, whereas 53% of all female-driven car accidents resulted in a casualty.

This would seem to indicate that men may get into a greater number of accidents, but that the accidents of female drivers have more severe consequences.

Age is not just a number

We can also look at the age brackets for those drivers who are involved in RTAs. For both men and women, the age group involved in the most accidents (by number) is 40-49. This is probably due, in part, to the number of vehicle miles driven by drivers of this age.

The percentage of accidents which lead to casuallties, however, shows that younger drivers are generally involved in the more serious accidents.

  • Of the 63 accidents involving drivers of 16 years, 57% resulted in injury or death.
  • Of the 8,586 accidents involving drivers aged 17-19, 55% resulted in injury or death.
  • Of the 20,782 accidents involving drivers aged 20-24, 53% resulted in injury or death.

This is why so many safety campaigns are targeted at young drivers. They are more likely to speed, to drive recklessly, to drink or use drugs before driving, and they lack the experience of older drivers in avoiding accidents.

The figures for riders of motorcycles who are involved in an accident are even more frightening, where your chances of walking away without injury are 7% or less, regardless of your age or gender.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to some compensation. But for many people this is a phrase that they hear on the television, which has little to no bearing on real life. If you think you may have a case, and need somewhere to start when looking for legal advice, try the Free Legal Advice Centre. There you can find video resources, and links, to help you.