What to Look for in a Pair of Earrings You’re Giving as a Present

She’s the light of your life and you’re celebrating an anniversary. She’s the mother who picked you up when you fell and sent you off to school with a pb&j in your bag and a smile on her face. She’s the sister, daughter, grandmother, granddaughter, friend, cousin or other loved one whose birthday, anniversary, holiday or special occasion you want to make memorable. You want to get her a pair of earrings – and you need to know which ones will make the biggest impact.

The Cut of the Gem

Start by looking at the hearts on fire earrings and marveling at the perfect cut of diamond featured in these accessories. They’re simply the best gem you can buy. But if you think she’d prefer another colored gem, simply ask a jeweler what he recommends. The higher quality the cut, the better impression your gift will make.

The Style

From the “Lorelei kiss” style to the “repertoire stud” design, there are so many options when it comes to quality gem earrings. Consider whether your gift recipient loves large or small earrings and start there. There’s everything from the traditionally round to teardrop styles.

Whatever earrings you choose, she’s sure to appreciate the thought that went into the purchase. Show her just how much you care by selecting an amazingly gorgeous pair unlike anything she’s ever seen before.

It sure is hot

I didn’t know it could get so hot that you sweat so much is messes up your cell phone in your pocket. Well it sure did get mine. The stupid thing won’t even show you the time and all that it showed on the front of the phone and the inside won’t display anything either. It will still send out calls but you better know the number you are calling unless you have it on speed dial.  Darn it now I have to go get a new cell phone.

2 Fun “Excuses” to Go to a Spa

Spas have a reputation for being a luxury, a place where people go to pamper themselves for a special occasion. Nothing could be further from the truth. You’re stressed year-round. Doesn’t it make sense to participate in an activity that will revitalize and regenerate you at least once a month, if not once a week? Find an affordable, quality spa, and cost won’t prove an issue. If you need to “explain” why you’re going so often to a spouse or friend, come up with a fun excuse.

You’re Celebrating Another Hard Week of Work

You work hard every week, not just when you get a raise or an award. If your bosses won’t reward you for the effort you put into your job, reward yourself – and get pumped for going back in next week. Stay-at-home moms need a weekly spa visit, too. Let Dad or your parents watch the kids for a morning, evening or afternoon.

It’s Your Half Birthday

No one seems to care much about half-birthdays, but they deserve a little something special to mark the event, too. Six months to the day after your birthday, celebrate with a spa session.

You don’t need a reason to go to a spa. Simply wanting to relax is reason enough. If your spouse or another loved one is giving you a hard time, consider inviting him to come along.

Last chance for vacations

With gas prices dropping, a lot of people are taking their last chance at a vacation before school starts. It starts here next week. I know some states wait until after Labor Day to start but they don’t do that here. They used to go back to school around the second Monday in August. That was a dumb idea that I’m not sure who came up with. At least they have gotten smarter and gotten closer to Labor Day like the rest of the country.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect From a Non-Surgical Laser Facelift?

Everyone wants to look their best, but when the aging process starts to set in, sometimes a little more help other than makeup is called for. But rather than go straight for a surgical facelift, there are other effective ways to dramatically improve the look of the skin, including laser therapy.

The majority of patients who undergo laser treatment to rejuvenate the face can expect to look between three and seven years younger after a combination of therapeutic non-surgical laser treatment. This will of course depend on the level of aging and the invasiveness of your wrinkles or age spots.

Results can be quite noticeable, and even be very profound with non-invasive face lifts. The benefits of the non-surgical facelift program is that there is very little, if any, risk to the process. Since there are no incisiosn that have to be made, there are therefore no scars or extensive recovering associated with laser skin treatments.

Repeating treatments about three or four times a year can help maintain the collagen skin content level and tightness of the skin.

At Hotschandani, we use the most innovative laser treatments out there to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, lift sagging skin, and improve the overall complexion of the face and neck. To book your consultation today, visit www.hotchlaser.com.