Patio paving

We are repaving the patio in the back of the house. We were supposed to do it a while back, but life seemed to get in the way and it didn’t happen. Now I am happy that we are able to do it. The paving stone we have chosen is really nice and will look awesome when it is done. It took us a bit to finally decide on what we wanted, because he wanted one thing and I another. We finally came to an agreement, by allowing the kids to help us decide which patio pavers to put in. It was kind of like a tie breaker.

Our old patio was apparently done with DIY from one of the local hardware stores and was done rather cheaply. I have always disliked the way that it looked and so did everyone else. This time, it will be done right and look amazing too boot.

We will also have some landscape lighting installation done as well. We really want our yard to stand out, even at night. That will be done in the front as well as the back yard. I think the garden is going to be beautiful when all of this is finished.