Movie night

Have you been to the movies lately? I have seen a couple of movies at the theater this year, but have rented more from home. The rising costs of going to the theater are prohibitive. We made the decision to purchase a large flat screen TV and rent movies from the On Demand menu with the cable company. We are much more comfortable in our own home and the snacks cost way less as well. This allows us to have more quality family time then we were able to have before and still watch the latest movies.

On Demand frequently has movies that are not yet in the theater, or are in the theater at the same time. We love that about our cable company. Also, we can watch the movie for twenty four hours or more. Depending on the movie, sometimes they are available for to days instead of just one. We love our movie nights now, but every now and then we still need a theater fix. We try to keep those down to about twice a year and we can see many more movies that way. We haven’t seen Chimpanzee yet, so I think this week I will rent that one for the kids.