The estate

My best friend needs a Palm Beach Probate Litigation Lawyer. Apparently her grandmother has died and the will is in dispute. She left a large part of the estate to my friend, but her cousins are determined that she should have nothing. There is also the fact that her grandmother created a charity foundation as well, and my cousin sits on the board. She took care of her grandmother for the last ten years and was pretty much the only one who had anything to do with her.

I think that the Palm Beach Probate Litigation Lawyer will be able to take care of this dispute rather quickly. The will was rather straight forward and the attorney who made the will for her was on retainer for years before hand. That will help the Palm Beach Probate Litigation Lawyer a tremendous amount when they go to court. I am pretty sure that it will be a cut and dried case. I hope for her sake that it doesn’t take too long.