Appalled at the Lies

I have never been more appalled by someones behavior than I have this week. My sister in law is deliberately trying to come between my husband and his brother. She has been trying to get them into a massive fight using lies and deceit. What kind of person does that to family members? I have never seen anything like it before, unless it was on Jerry Springer, a show that I really cannot stand. I don’t understand what is wrong with people these days.

Our families are aware of what is going on and they have rallied around us, but I am sad for my husband and what he is having to deal with. He and his brother have always been really close and this is just killing him. I can only hope that his brother wakes up soon and sees what his wife is doing to his family, but I really doubt it. He knows that none of them like his wife and so believes every word that comes out of her mouth. I no longer have anything to say to her myself. Everyone in his family warned me about her, but I figured that there had to be some reason that he fell in love with her and couldn’t possibly be that bad. I was wrong. I guess it is just a lesson learned and we will have to live without them in our lives until he figures it out on his own. I doubt the sadness will go away though.