Listening to some blues

I am listening to some blues and working until my honey gets home. He is working second shift for a while and it is really messing our schedules up, but I will just deal with it. I got the kids into bed and put on the cable music channel. Texas Johnny Brown is singing “There go the blues” and I am really enjoying the soft tones and laid back atmosphere I have created. I lit a lovely candle of honeysuckle scent that is pure southern atmosphere. This is just what I needed after such a hectic day. I am finally relaxed enough to write.

I will have to remember to do this every evening after the kids are in bed. A nice hot shower, good mellow music and a lovely scent. Yup, I do believe that works. Today was just really busy. It seems like every moment has been taken up with something. I am honestly surprised that I haven’t fallen into bed, but I am determined to get some good work done tonight, no matter what. I have a few projects that need my attention before I can call it quits anyway. Well wish me luck and turn on some blues. You will enjoy the mellow, laid back feeling. I promise.