If you want to have a MyLife Refund for your account, you can do it directly online or contact customer service. The easiest way is to do it right on the site. I have had to do that before on different sites, when I really didn’t want the subscription any longer. There is no telling when a person will get bored with a particular service or subscription and decide to no longer use it. I like it when sites make it easy to opt out. Not a lot of them do, because they want to keep their customers.

I had an account that made if very difficult to opt out once and it was really upsetting. I never went back to them again because of it. At least MyLife makes it easy for you. I just joined a couple of new sites recently, but before I did, I made sure they had an easy opt out. You never know if you will really like something until you try it. I personally have tried this site to find people that I hadn’t seen in ages. I found my long lost sister from my dads previous marriage. We hadn’t had contact with her in a very long time and I was so happy to be able to see her and talk to her again.