Wow what a race

After the wrecks at Daytona yesterday during the Nation wide series, I really thought there would be more today. We were lucky thought that there were much fewer. I was not very happy about the end of the race. I had higher hopes for Danica Patrick. She did well, especially as she had the pole to start the race. A good thing for women in racing, and she finished in eighth place. Another first for women in racing, but I really had hoped she could have won. I am not sure what exactly happened. One minute she was at the front and then it is like she just let off of the gas and deliberately lost position. Jimmy Johnson won again. He is definitely not my favorite driver at all. My favorite is Dale Jr, and at least he came in second. That wasn’t a bad finish for him.

I hope everyone injured in yesterday’s race are okay. There were definitely some really bad ones in the stands when that motor went through the fence. Have a good one peoples.