I have always wanted to visit Singapore and now I might get to almost free of charge. My honey has a business trip he has to take there. We will have to pay for my airline ticket, but the room and stuff is all comped so everything else is on his company. We are not sure which hotel they are going to use though. The secretary is really nice and has said that she will let me pick the hotel. I love that. I am looking at the Marina Bay Sands right now to see what they have. It has this roof top infinity pool that goes all the way across it. You can see the entire city from it. I think that is so cool, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

There is also the Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel that is also amazing as well. It is one of those supremely elegant hotels that is almost decadent. I have no clue which one I should pick, although the Marina Bay is looking really good, because of that roof top pool. I can see us at night looking out over Singapore at the bright lights of the city.

I did some research on Singapore and found out that they are the third wealthiest country in the world, which comes from being a financial trading hub as well as the fifth busiest port in the world. That is just amazing. I love learning about new places, but I love traveling to them even more. I cannot wait for this trip. My mom is going to come stay here with the kids for the week that we are gone. I will not have to worry about a thing here at home, because I know that mom will take care of everything.