Spring shopping spree

So I have decided to go on a spring shopping spree. I buy for the kids and my man, but rarely buy for myself and my wardrobe is sadly out dated. The time has come for momma to take care of herself for a change and I intend to do just that. I informed the masses of that fact last night at dinner. I also told them, that I didn’t want to hear a word about the fact that I didn’t get them anything. After some input from my eldest and my honey, they were all in agreement that mom deserved some new clothes.

I do believe that I will go shopping while they are in school and at work. If I wait till the weekend, then one or more will want to go to the mall with me. If that happens, I will end up buying for them and not myself. Therefore, my trip will be Friday morning. It should be relatively quiet at the mall and the weekend sales should just be starting. I will check the paper to be sure, but that is how it usually works. Wish me luck!