Fridge on the fritz

Oh no, the fridge has decided to go on the fritz! I am going to have to call Viking Appliance Repair and have it fixed right away. It will definitely be cheaper to have it fixed then to replace it. I think the hot weather is to blame for it. I haven’t bothered to turn on the AC, because we are all just trying to thaw out from winter and haven’t wanted it on. It has unfortunately have an effect on the fridge. I prefer to fix appliances with a reputable company than to replace something every time it breaks. It is definitely less costly that way and if you keep it maintained, they last much much longer. Here are a few reasons why;

  • If the repair is less then 50% of the cost of a new one
  • If it is still under warranty
  • Repair companies guarantee their work
  • Better for the environment (no packaging or old appliances going to the land fill)

These are just a few that my reasoning says repair is much better then replacement. Of course there are probably more, but you get the idea. In our family we try to minimize our ecological footprint and preserve the environment as best we can. It is important to try and keep our landfills to a minimum. Repairing appliances and other such items really help in a large way to do that.

If you are unsure as to whether you should repair or replace, I recommend finding a good company and having them take a look at your appliance. I can never hurt to check first and many times you can buy a refurbished appliance from them, if your needs replaced. It is definitely less costly that way and they will haul your old one off and refurbish it for resale later. Makes much better sense to do that then to buy a breand new appliance.