My passion

So I was looking through some real estate in south florida yesterday and found this page. There are some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen in my life. I can just imagine living in a tropical paradise like that, surrounded by water and sunshine. That has to be an amazing life to live. I look at real estate to see what people come up with as far as architecture, design and decor. It is a passion of mine and I just cannot seem to get enough of it. My family thinks I should find a job that involves design and decor since I love it so much.

I fell completely in LOVE with this house and the garden pools. They look so natural and serene. The house itself is absolutely huge. I could definitely see myself living there, but I would not want to have to be the one to clean it. Of course, if you can afford a house like that, then you can afford a maid to keep it clean for you. I do believe I will keep laying the lottery. Who knows, maybe one day I will actually win it and be able to afford a house like this.



So beautiful