I love health drinks

I have really gotten into these new health drinks that have come out lately. There are all kinds of them and they do different things. Some help you lose weight, some help keep your sugar down and some help with inflammation issues. This new one called Nopalea is really tasty and is supposed to help with inflammation. Drinking health drinks is much better for you than drinking soda. I have gotten into the habit after trying one that my sister was drinking and really liked the taste.

The Trivita products have a really good reputation and work wonderfully. My sister has been using them for some time now and badgered me to try them repeatedly until I finally acquiesced. I am really glad that I have. I feel a lot better now, and my honey is happy that I am taking much better care of myself. You cannot imagine how being more health conscious can make you feel. Now we are working on getting our mother to try the drinks as well. She is a stubborn as I am, so it may take us a while. However, I think that once she sees that I have been doing it too, she will have a different frame of mind.