I really love these new kitchen designs

Now we all know that I have already remodeled my kitchen, but I am addicted to looking at all the new kitchen design ideas that come out after looking for so long. I have a few friends that have been asking me for advice on doing their homes, so this really helps. One of my friends loved the pictures I sent her of my new kitchen and has asked me to send her links for ideas. Since she lives in Australia, I have sent her links to some of the pages I found from there. The kitchen designs in Australia are much the same as here and she has the added benefit of being able to talk to them there for help.

The kitchens showrooms in Sydney, Australia are close enough for her to visit and really get an idea of what she wants. They are much closer than I am after all. I know that she will find what she wants soon, as she has been looking for a while now. The last time I talked to her, she told me that she had a pretty good idea, but just needed to pin down the cabinets. Her layout was pretty much figured out already. I can’t wait to see the pictures she sends me of her project.