So glad we bought that extra insurance

A few years ago when we bought this house, we of course had to get homeowners insurance, but the typical homeowners insurance doesn’t cover your appliances if the break down and simply stop working. That can be really expensive to pay for repairs or even to replace whatever it is that has malfunctioned. Large household appliances are necessary for day to day living. We cannot go without a refrigerator or a stove, so making sure that they are insured is a really big help.

Choice Home Warranty is the company we have for our appliances. When they need repair or replacing all we have to do is give them a call and they take care of it. They have lots of contractors already in place to service them. It is one of the best things we have ever done for our home and brings a lot of peace of mind to us.

This is really important for First time home buyers because they are unfamiliar with what it takes to maintain a home on their own. The costs can get high, especially if you make mistakes and everyone makes mistakes their first time owning a home. You think you can repair something on your own and then find out that you really had no idea what you were doing. Choice Home Warranty insurance can help you with that in a big way.