Crazy time of year

Well it is official the Holiday season has arrived. No sooner than Halloween passed, the next day the decorations and various Christmas stuff was on the shelf. Commercials for Black Friday are rampant and I am so glad that I do not take part in that madness. I already have a good portion of my shopping list finished, with only some left to go. Most of those things are for the kids and I can wait until I know for sure that is what they want. With the new Toy’s R US book out, it can change in a heart beat.

The kids and I put up the outside lights while it was warm, so all I have to do is set out the lawn ornaments and plug everything in. Much easier to do when it is warmer than now when it is below freezing. We will decorate the inside over the next two weeks (oh yay) and get our tree up just after Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Although, I am still not sure if I am cooking or not. We shall see. Part of me wants to and the other part of me doesn’t.